Fishing Guide in a Box

Fishing Guide in a Box got its start over breakfast one morning in 2009 in a small marina and bait shop near Caddo Lake in East Texas. The conversation was between a couple of local fishing guides and a fishing enthusiast with a strong marketing and sales background. The whole concept behind Fishing Guide in A Box is that most lakes and rivers have a local “Fishing Expert” that may not be well known since they have not appeared on a national fishing show but that they are the true experts for that body of water. Many of these guides have spent years guiding on the same body of water using a few “secret lures” that everyone may not be aware of that visit that body of water. Many of these fishermen may not have the time or money to be able to hire a guide for their fishing trip and even if they have the time and money, the guide may already be booked with another party.

The simple concept of Fishing Guide in a Box is to travel around to many of these nationally known fisheries and partner with the local fishing expert and video and spend the week conversing with them as they communicate their knowledge and expertise as well as identifying and packaging their favorite lures that can be fished year round on that particular body of water.